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    Vas Ring Medium Black

    Vase Alma from Anna Wadle is a handmade vase made of stoneware with a glazed inside. Alma Medium is perfect for small bouquet of fresh flowers or maybe a cherry twig. All vases are handmade and small differences may occur.

    Alma is available in several sizes! In stock soon!

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    Product information
    Item number 2002641
    Color Black
    Width 18 cm
    Height 20 cm
    Brand ANNA WADLE
    Designer Anna Wadle
    Country of Manufacture Sweden
    Material Ceramic

    Anna Wadle

    "Anna Wadle has studied ceramic form at Nyckelvikskolan, outside Stockholm. It was then that her interest in ceramics gained momentum and she decided to manufacture objects that are not only beautiful, but also fulfill a function.

    Anna's inspiration comes from the sea and nature, which is clearly seen in her sculptural idiom. She works with stoneware that she wheel throws, builds or casts with. Relief and simple patterns that form shadows and fine shapes characterize her products.

    All products are made by hand by Anna Wadle in her pottery workshop "

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