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Stockholm Furniture Lab

Stockholm Furniture Lab's core values are based on a circular economy, where products are reused in several stages.

With Stockholm Furniture Labs parts for furniture, the user can develop their furniture instead of dismantling it. In the modular furniture series Play, all products can be combined with each other to create new furniture. A designed process ranging from new production to reuse. Stockholm Furniture Lab does not really design furniture, they design a circular system for parts for furniture. You design the furniture.

Stockholm Furniture Lab's designer, Karl Hallqvist, is a Swedish creator with great breadth in his creation with a passion for circular economy and reuse culture. Karl Hallqvist has a background as a furniture carpenter, art director, graphic designer and photographer. Karl Hallqvist realized early on that control over creation gpes hand in hand control over the economy, especially when it comes to circular economy. Read more about Karl Hallqvist here.


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