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    Tray In Sweden we call it a Fika

    Simple and fun tray with with Swedish Illustrator Karin Ohlsson's popular print "In Sweden we call it a Fika". Perfect for both Swedes and Swedish lovers alike, it's a bestseller across borders. Having a Fika means having a cup of coffee or tea, and some kind of cookie or sweets, together with someone. It could be a coffee break at work, or meeting someone on a Saturday to sit down and have a chat.

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    Product information
    Item number 1008338
    Color Black/White
    Width 27 cm
    Height 1 cm
    Depth 20 cm
    Brand BahKadisch
    Designer Ohlsson Karin
    Material Formpressad laminate


    All illustrations on BahKadisch's products are created by the same person, Karin Ohlsson. She likes to draw detailed illustrations with a black pencil, but is just as happy to make colorful watercolors with all sorts of different motifs.

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