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    Born in Sweden


    Stumpastaken Small

    The stump stick will now return to the Design Square! A stylish and practical candlestick specially designed for light stubs, short candles, small candles, heat candles or brand new candles. With all candles lit, a large carpet is formed of flames that spread a fantastic glow. The stub can not catch fire when the candles burn down. Designed by Jonas Torstensson for Born in Sweden. Made of 100% recycled aluminum.In addition to the Stump stick small, we sell a grid, which can be used for the sticks and you can then keep food and drinks warm. Perfect for teapot or Christmas mulled wine!Cleaning: First, peel off any loose candle without scraping. Then place the candle light upside down on a sheet covered with aluminum foil. Set it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 90-100 degrees and the candle will drain out onto the foil. Dry the sticks dry with paper towels before the candle solidifies. No water is needed.Available in two sizes.
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    Product information
    Item number 1008791
    Color Aluminium
    Width 21.5 cm
    Depth 21.5 cm
    Brand Born in Sweden
    Designer Torstensson Jonas
    Country of Manufacture Sweden
    Material Recycled aluminium

    Born in Sweden

    Born in Sweden was founded in 2008, with a clear intention to develop nice looking design items for an international market. The idea is that their items shall not only have a function, but also a twist which makes you smile.

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