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    Stockholm Lion S

    Miniature version of the now classic Stockholm Lion that adorns several street crossings in the inner city of Stockholm and its suburbs.Since 1995, large concrete lions were located at the popular street Drottninggatan, in the intersections from Fredsgatan to Kungsgatan. They have been added on the initiative of artist Anders Årfelt who sculpted the original and who is also the author of the small lions who are faithful copies of the original. Designtorget sells them exclusively since spring 2016.These miniatures are moulded by hand using artificial moulding compound. The compound has the same strength as concrete and contains only natural materials. The lions are made in two designs, and two different sizes of each.

    Weight: 350 gr

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    Product information
    Item number 1009064
    Color Grey
    Width 12 cm
    Height 6 cm
    Depth 5 cm
    Size Small
    Brand Designtorget
    Designer Anders Årfelt
    Country of Manufacture Sweden
    Material Synthetic moulding compound


    Historien om Designtorget började 1993 med en stor och hopplös yta i Kulturhusets bottenplan i Stockholm. En arkitekt fick möjlighet att göra något åt utrymmet och med ett starkt kulturintresse gick tanken direkt till alla de formgivare och uppfinnare som gick arbetslösa i lågkonjunkturen. Så väcktes idén om en marknadsplats för form och innovationer och Designtorget såg dagens ljus.

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    Anders Årfelt

    Anders Årfelt is a Swedish sculptor. In 1993, in collaboration with the municipality of Gotland and Skanska, he created a traffic barrier in concrete in the shape of a traditional Gotland sheep. Since then, the original male sheep has been supplemented with a female version, and today there are more than 250 such traffic barriers placed in the municipality. In 1995, the sheep were joined by a concrete lion, the so-called Stockholm Lion, which is located on Drottninggatan pedestrian zone in central Stockholm.

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