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    Swedish Tonic


    Snaps Swedish Tonic 500ml

    Snaps Swedish Tonic 500ml, The Gin & Tonic (non-alcoholic) snap has a distinct flavor of gin & tonic, elderflower and underlying notes of citrus & rhubarb. The snaps, which are perfect for summer's small gatherings is non-alcoholic.

    The non-alcoholic assortment deserves a natural and grown-up alternative. Everyone should have the right to sing along in the snapshots, whether they drink alcohol or not (or just want to moderate their alcohol intake). The non-alcoholic snap which has clear bark & acidity as well as tones from elderflower and juniper also has heat & attitude from chili to get the classic snaps


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    Product information
    Item number 2001630
    Height 25.5 cm
    Diameter 6.8 cm
    Brand Swedish Tonic
    Country of Manufacture Sweden
    Material Glass

    Swedish Tonic

    Vår vision är att göra världens godaste tonic! Vi gör allt i vår kraft för att du inte ska bli besviken!

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