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    Scented Candle Snow 400gr White

    The new and exclusive scented candle, Scented Candle Christmas 400g white with scent of frozen forests and frosted berries. 

    Skandinavisk has come up with an updated seasonal light collection and introduces larger glasses with a new design. Comes in the Swedish rapeseed wax mixture and is specially developed to burn as stably and slowly as previous candles, only with less environmental impact. Gives a wonderful warm feeling of sitting and cuddling with the family at home with a nice board game in front of you.

    • The designer is Shaun Russell
    • It is FSC-certified and has a lid made of oak.
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    Product information
    Item number 2003730
    Color White
    Width 11 cm
    Height 11.9 cm
    Depth 11 cm
    Brand Skandinavisk
    Designer Shaun Russell
    Country of Manufacture Sweden
    Material Rape wax


    Skandinavisk startades av en nyfiken engelskman, Shaun, som blev förälskad i en blond skandinavisk trädgårdsmästare. Han förenades med en andra engelskman, Gerry, som delade hans kärlek till Skandinavien och en dansk designer, Line, som fångade deras kombinerade upplevelser och översatte till vårt distinkta design-DNA.

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