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    Ring melt

    Unisex ring with light structure from jewelry designer Mia Sahlberg. Ring melt is part of the Organic Melt collection where the silver is melted or semi-melted in order to create organic and unique forms. This ring is heaten up just to its melting point to create an interesting and wrinkled texture. Match with earrings Sculpted Moon or Melt Drop.

    • Handmade in France
    • 100% recycled sterling silver
    • Each ring is unique due to its organic manufacturing process
    • Go up 0.5-1 size as wider rings usually have a narrower fit
    • Slightly adjustable in size
    • Care: Store dark and dry, preferably separated in bags or boxes
    • Size:
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    Product information
    Item number 2001317
    Color Silver
    Width 4.5 cm
    Height 4.5 cm
    Depth 3 cm
    Brand M.SAHLBERG
    Designer Mia Sahlberg
    Country of Manufacture France
    Material 100% recycled sterling silver
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