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    Poster Bokstaveringsalfab. 4 Sara

    Desigtorget welcomes designers Tom Hedqvist, Sara Edström, Göran Söderström, Nathalie Ruejas Jonson and Owe Gustafson to the range. In conjunction with the initiative Adam Berit - a proposal for a new lettering alphabet from the Justice Agency and Fredrika Bremer Förbundet - the designers have made their own interpretation of the alphabet. The result is an exclusive collection of posters for those who want to start lettering for increased equality and representation. “In order for us to achieve equality, someone has to give up power. Or at least make it so that more people can fit. I was inspired by the saying "Is there a heart room, is there a star room". And I wanted to make a heartfelt alphabet where everyone gets a room! My poster should be suitable for someone who might be learning the alphabet and spelling it himself ”- Sara Edström

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    Product information
    Color Pattern
    Width 50 cm
    Height 70 cm
    Material Paper
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