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    Plant stand Regrow Black

    * Formex Nova Sustainability Product 2019! Did you know that many vegetables can grow in 14 days when the root system is placed in water? The vegetable stand Regrow gives the user two vegetables at the price of one - both environmentally friendly and economical! Today there are major environmental problems around the world. About 1/4 of all food produced is thrown in the garbage. There are about ten different vegetables that can grow in water only. From this insight was born the idea of ​​Regrow, an aesthetic and practical cultivation tool for recycling their own food waste.

    The unique triangular shape means that the product can be placed firmly on top of any water-filled glass or vase you already have in the home. Regrow was initially launched in a limited edition in the spring of 2017, in a collaboration between Designtorget and Beckman's Design University. Idea and design Madeleine Nelson.

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    Product information
    Item number 2000603
    Color Black
    Width 14 cm
    Height 14 cm
    Designer Madeleine Nelson
    Material Stainless steel

    Madeleine Nelson

    Madeleine Nelson is the designer behind the vegetable stand Regrow. Regrow's basic idea is to give the user a simple but stylish opportunity to regrow one's own vegetable residues. Regrow was originally designed during the course Small Scale Production at Beckmans College of Design, in 2017. In a world with limited resources, the goal was to design a minimalist but functional product that has a variety of uses.

    Nowadays Madeleine and her sister Fanny Nelson run the design studio A Matter of Form that focuses on examining the borderland between design and sustainability. When aesthetics, functionality and smart solutions are combined, beautiful everyday items take shape.

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