Paper Feathers 4-p White

Handmade and unique decorative feathers of paper and gold-colored copper wire. Perfect for the Easter crisis or table setting. Designed and manufactured by Sandra Doria Medina for ÄLVIS.All ÄLLVIS products are developed in very beautiful premium paper, 80% recycled fibers, without chlorine, acids or hard metals."The springs are an upcycling project where I take advantage of everything left over from my productions to design new products. Upcycling is about turning recycled by-products, waste, unused or unwanted products into new and useful objects," says Sandra Doria Medina, founder & Creative Director for Älvis.The springs are available in white, gray and dark blue. Sold in 4-pack.
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Product information
Color White
Width 11 cm
Height 11 cm
Brand ÄLVIS.
Designer ÄLVIS
Material Paper


Älvis is a brand sprung from the love of paper, and designs made by this material. Älvis mixes a strong graphic design with beautiful paper and print. There is also an organic aspect to the products as Älvis only uses certified paper and works with upcycling.

The brand was founded in 2015 by Sandra Doria Medina, a Swedish designer living in France. Late 2015 Älvis introduced their Christmas cards and quickly established the brand also in Paris. They were even featured on Louis Vuitton's Christmas market. After this phenomenal start, it came very natural to continue developing the line and to introduce new products.

Älvis is an ECO Luxury Brand in paper.

Read more about ÄLVIS.
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