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Our Story


A marketplace for designers begins

Designtorget was founded in 1993 with a large and hopeless space at Kulturhuset (House of Culture) in Stockholm. An architect was given the opportunity to create something in that space, and with a strong cultural interest, he immediately thought of all designers and innovators who went unemployed during the recession. The idea of starting a marketplace for design and innovation awakened. Designtorget was born.

During the past 25 years more Designtorget stores have opened. Today we have 11 stores around Sweden and an online shop.

Since the start, Designtorget has maintained a strong company culture where curiosity and creativity have characterized the way of working. New ideas have been tested, some with more success than others. One thing is certain, Designtorget has contributed to making many Swedish and Scandinavian designers and innovators successful by launching their new designs and innovations and we have managed to inspire many by always launching new inspiring and exciting design products.


Designtorget is constantly developing

Because we encourage creativity and curiosity we must continuously redefine ourselves. We constantly develop and reinvent ourselves. But our original idea of being a marketplace for new designers to market their products and for design interested people to find new exciting design, will always be the same. 

The past 25 years have told a story. Now it’s time to write the next one.