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    Ear Stud Melt 1pc

    Unique silver earring from M.SAHLBERG. It is a part of the Organic melt collection where the silver is melt or semi-melt in order to create organic and unique forms and textures. They're sold as a single ear stud, if you'd like to wear them as a pair please order two.

    Handmade in France in 100% recycled sterling silver
    Each earring is unique due to its organic manufacturing process
    Care: Store dark and dry, preferably separated in bags or boxes

    *Note: Sold individually

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    Product information
    Item number 2000400
    Color Silver
    Width 4.5 cm
    Height 4.5 cm
    Depth 3 cm
    Brand M.SAHLBERG
    Designer Mia Sahlberg
    Country of Manufacture Sweden
    Material 100% recycled sterling silver
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