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    Design House Stockholm


    Mug Astrid Tiden Yellow

    Design House Stockholm and Astrid Lindgren AB have launched a collection of mugs that pays tribute to Astrid's grand art of storytelling and authorship. The text on this mug is in English and is a quote from Pippi Longstocking:

    "Ja, tiden går och man börjar bli gammal, fram på höstkanten fyller jag tio år, och då har man väl sett sina bästa dar." which translates to "Oh yes, time flies and before you know it you're old, come autumn I'll be ten, and I suppose I'll be past my prime then."

    The collection consists of different mugs in different colors with thoughtful quotes from among others Karlsson, Pippi, Emil and Astrid Lindgren herself. The quotes are engraved to symbolize how Astrid's words are now and forever carved in stone. At the bottom of each mug you will find a beautiful illustration, and the mugs come in a nice package that makes them as fun to buy for yourself as for others.

    The mug is made of stoneware and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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    Product information
    Item number 1011675
    Color Ljusgul
    Height 10 cm
    Diameter 8.5 cm
    Brand Design House Stockholm
    Designer Design House Stockholm Studio
    Material Stoneware

    Design House Stockholm

    Design House Stockholm samlar det bästa av skandinavisk design under ett tak och brinner för att hitta innovativa produkter med karaktär och personlighet.

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