Learn Letters Game

Clicko is a fun and easy way to learn letters. Turn, twist and join the magnetic components in wood to letters or words. Perfect for small hands that have not yet learned to hold a pen! And for all children who in a fun and creative way want to discover the alphabet and the letters. The kit also includes a deck of cards with letter cards and cards with monsters and stars. Time to play! Drag a card and build the letter on the card. For each letter you get a star! But beware of the monsters who love stars… First to 5 stars wins! Clicko fits 1–4 players from 3 years and takes 15–20 minutes to play. You can build all letters, including W, Å, Ä and Ö.Content: 11 magnetic wooden parts + deck of cards
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Product information
Color Nude
Width 17 cm
Height 12 cm
Depth 4 cm
Brand Clicko
Country of Manufacture China
Material Plywood
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