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    Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet


    Kombucha Kit 1 L

    Start brewing your own kombucha and enjoy this delicious and healthy drink. Kombucha is fermented tea and is prepared on black or green tea which gets fermented thanks to a special tea sponge called scoby (yeast). Like other light-fermented foods and drinks, many argue that kombucha contributes to better intestinal culture and thus has healthy effects on, among other things, mood, stress and weight. If you want genuine kombucha you do best to brew your own. Then you avoid additives, microfiltration and pasteurization (which kills the healthy bacteria).

    The Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet kombucha concept makes it possible for you without prior knowledge to brew your own kombucha in an easy way. With this kit you can brew kombucha several times, either you buy new recipes from our site or you save the scoby and brew with your own recipes. A brewing with our kit gives about 1 liter of kombucha (2 pcs 50 cl hinge bottles with patent cork).

    The kit includes everything you need to get started and brew your own kombucha:

    Customized glass jar
    The little kitchen brewery's kombucha recipe (organic tea and organic scoby)
    2 pcs bottles with ceramic patent cork (50 cl)

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    Product information
    Item number 2000723
    Color Green
    Width 23.5 cm
    Height 31.5 cm
    Depth 16.5 cm
    Brand Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet
    Material Silver & brass

    Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet

    Until recently, home brewing has largely been about complicated equipment and super-tough instructions. Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet's co-founders strongly dislike equipment and difficult instructions. They like when anyone can create something that feels powerful, without much hassle. Something you want to share.

    When they started The Little Kitchen Brewery for just over 5 years ago their idea of filling a void - that everyone should have a sporting chance to be able to brew really good beer. One could say that kitchen brewing is a small step for humanity but a great step for beer brewing. Over 15,000 people have brewed beer at home in their kitchens so far and they are very happy and proud of that!

    Time to brew, enjoy and hopefully finally boast. Good luck!

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