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Ulrika Gyllstad

Ulrika Gyllstad was born and raised in the south of Sweden but has lived and worked in Stockholm since the 1990s. She has a solid background in the fashion industry, with an education at Beckmans School of Design, and later as a designer for H&M and GANT and others. Ulrika has always had a great interest in interior design and interior textiles, especially designs and prints.

Already during her education, she focused a lot o pattern design and since 2006 she works exclusively with interior textiles. Ulrika’s characteristic design language is organic but also graphic and modern and is often inspired by nature and architecture.

“I like to feel the presence of the hand in a pattern, it must feel alive – that’s why I draw all my patterns by hand before I then process them in the computer. I often look at objects from nature in my microscope, and that opens a whole world full of patterns and structures. I also find much of my inspiration in urban environments and in architecture. I strive to design patterns and products that you can enjoy and life with for a long time, rather than trendy expressions. Being able to work with products that have a longer lifespan was also one of the reasons why I switched from fashion to interior design”.

Since 2013 Ulrika has been designing and producing organic and patterned textiles in Sweden under her own brand Gyllstad.

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