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Sizar Alexis

Sizar Alexis is a Stockholm-based product and furniture designer who constantly strives to experiment with strong geometric shapes with a serene feel to them. Carefully created design objects with character and materiality that last with time.

Sizar Alexi's work is strongly influenced by his deep interest in brutalist architecture and Mesopotamian cultural heritage, where his roots originate. Naming his work with references to the Chaldean language such as the furniture series “ItooRaba” is his way of introducing the traditional and ancient culture to wider audiences.

Sizar Alexis is current at Designtorget with his hand-cast Accessories Podium series of jewelry holders, which store and enhance our everyday treasures. The series differs from his other designed objects but strives for the same serene feeling in circular shapes that puts our smaller everyday objects in focus.

The idea behind the series is to have a minimal sculptural bowl for one's valuable everyday jewelery and also acts as an interior detail in the home. The series is hand-cast in a water-based composite material. Mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer and pigments are then blended into a mold to create each unique piece.

While creating a different product, the designer had leftover materials that he used to create a birthday gift for his sister. That resulted in him turning the outer shape of the first Accessories Podium Small, which he then developed into the Podium series

"With the launch at Designtorget, I hope to reach a wider audience that appreciates handicraft in small-scale production."

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