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Marianne Westman

Marianne Westman started as an 18-year-old at Konstfacks ceramics line in Stockholm and studied for Edgar Böckman. After that, she was hand picked by the porcelain factory Rörstrand for a probationary position which later became permanent. She was employed byy Rörstrand between 1950 and 1971 and went under the name “the porcelain mum” because of her unharmed position as a successful female designer.

During her 21 years at Rörstrand, Westman designed, among other things, the now classic, nature-inspired dinnerware “Picnic” and blue-flowered “Mon Amie”, which are usually highlighted as and example of good Scandinavian 50s design.  In 2008, Rörstrand re-launched the popular Mon Amie, in collaboration with Marianne. The dinnerware was then expanded with new types of cups and saucers. Picnic is no longer in production at Rörstrand, but the pattern can be found on newly produced textiles (From Almedahls) and trays sold at, among others, Designtorget and Åhléns.

In recent years, the demand for Marianne Westman’s 50s porcelain has increased tremendously, and prices in the secondary market have soared.

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