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Karl Hallqvist

Karl Hallqvist is a Swedish creator with great breadth in his creation with a passion for circular economy and reuse culture. Karl Hallqvist has a background as a furniture carpenter, art director, graphic designer and photographer. Karl Hallqvist realized early on that control over creation gpes hand in hand control over the economy, especially when it comes to circular economy.

Karl Hallqvist has his own view on products in the future.

— "Circular economy is the future. It is based on the reuse of products in several stages. I don't think the economy of the future is created by today's economists. It is created by creators when designing products. It's easy for anyone to publish their own design via Instagram. Therefore, creators must broaden their view of design. Not only can we design products, we must also design processes so that products can be reused. Here we must include the economy. In circular economics, we do not talk about consumers, but about 'users'. The term 're-user' makes it even clearer how we have to think. With the Play furniture series I have used my entire creative register to take a step towards circular economy in the furniture industry."

Karl Hallqvist believes that products that are created must not be worthless because then we throw them away. It is important that the products have a value so that they can be reused. Such as second hand and a deposit on jars and bottles. Products are reused several times and have a lasting value. Karl Hallqvist believes in the concept as a standard for several industries in the future.

— "By 'ordering' products from a manufacturer, the manufacturer can return the product to new users and create a secondary market. Companies get new revenue opportunities, users can choose whether they want to buy new products or used at reduced prices and together we reduce our impression on the climate. Everyone wins! "

Stockholm Furniture Lab's core values ​​are based on a circular economy, where products are reused in several stages.

With Stockholm Furniture Labs parts for furniture, the user can develop their furniture instead of dismantling it. In the modular furniture series Play, all products can be combined with each other to create new furniture. A designed process ranging from new production to reuse. Stockholm Furniture Lab does not really design furniture, they design a circular system for parts for furniture. You design the furniture.


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