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Emma Härdin

Emma Härdin is a Stockholm-based potter with studio space in Hjalmars Fabrik's art collective in Kristineberg. Her focus is mainly on producing household goods and kitchen utensils.

Emma has recently graduated from Capellagården's ceramics line. She finds inspiration in traditional studio ceramicist such as Bernard Leach. She likes to work under strict frameworks with clearly set structures for when and how things should be done. Something she is fascinated by is the "treadmill principle", a way of working she tries to emulate in her own work.

“I enjoy working with well-formed forms. In the design process I get an outlet for my creativity, but I like the work that follows, to complete the sketch. When the mold has been repeated a number of times at the turntable, its shape sets in the body and the brain is allowed to disconnect and the hands take over. Then I feel best when the production rate goes faster and faster and everything flows like a well-lubricated machinery. "

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