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Ehlén Johansson

Ehlén is a trained industrial designer from the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. She takes her inspiration from nature with her perfect proportions. Everything från Småland’s deep forests and Bohuslän’s barren archipelago to Skåne’s open countryside and her own farms.

Her design language is modern, Scandinavian and stylish. This makes her products gild the room for a long time and they fit in many different contexts.

“The products I create should be both good shape and functional. I would like to include some extra niceness in the function or design of the product. For example, being resource-efficient when choosing materials for both product and packaging. Working directly with the manufacturer already during product development, so that you design with regard to the working environment and production possibilities is another example. Creating an environmentally friendly design solution, such as the product being able to ship and store in a flat package, is another”.

Ehlén has received several awards for her design, including the “red dot design award”. She has also been a member of the jury for IF (Industry Form) several times.

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