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Camilla Ljunggren

When Camilla Ljunggren, as a 16-year-old, got her super idea, the dishcloth holder “Pluring”, she could never imagine what the future would offer. It was during a course in Young Business at high school that Camilla was commissioned to device a product that solved an everyday problem. Camilla got the idea for the dishcloth holder during a visit to the family’s farm. She noted that the younger family members were both unable to hang the cloth on the hook and partly that it was disgusting with that dishcloth hanging down from the tap.

Camilla contacted Designtorget and the Pluring quickly became the obvious accessory for the dishcloth and kitchen towel. Today Camilla has passed the 30-year mark and runs two factories and is a hard-working lecturer, entrepreneur and inspirer. She has been awarded numerous awards and is listed as one of the rulers of the future. She is also named one of Europe’s best young entrepreneurs by the Business Week magazine.

And the Pluring, yes, it continues to be one of Designtorget’s best sellers!

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