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Barbro Tryberg Boberg

Under the brand Formverket, Barbro Tryberg Boberg designs and sells interior products with a unique retro glimpse. Much of the inspiration is drawn from the 50s and 60s. A pillow with fine colour combinations results in a plastic mat. Admittedly with a different pattern but with the same emotion and colour as the pillow. A shelf paper becomes a cutting board...

The first product that was put into production, and which is still a bestseller, is the black-and-white tray “Plattan” with designs from Sergels Torg in Stockholm. It came to life in 2002 when Stockholm City announced a souvenir competition for the city’s 750th anniversary. She designed the tray together with her classmate Martin Norrlind. Since then, many new products have seen the light of day. At Designtorget, among other things, the Plattan tray, plastic mats, cutting boards and kitchen towels are sold.

For 10 years she has been living on a farm in Gotland and there is always something new going on in her studio. There are plenty of ideas, but the big challange is to find factories in Sweden that can carry out what she want manufactured.

Among with designer colleague Maria Holmer Dahlgren, Barbro has also designed interior details under the name BoM United.

“It is my pride that all my products are manufactured in Swedish factories”, says Barbro while smiling.


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