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Annika Gustavsson

Annika started making silver jewelery in 2002 at evening courses while still working in economics. She then decided to do something new in life and began educating herself as both jewelery designer and jeweler. She studied for four years and finished with a apprentice letter at the Copenhagen Goldsmiths College in autumn 2013.

Annika was born and raised in Gotland, Sweden and lives in an inspiring environment where she derives most of her inspiration for the jewelery collections. The button fossil that is found along the Gotland stone coast and was a coral over 430 million years ago; this one lies warm to her heart.

In the summer of 2013 Annika was given the prestigious assignment to design Designtorgets 20th anniversary jewelery in the form of a necklace and matching earrings.

As a goldsmith, Annika words in gold, silver, platinum, titanium and palladium. In addition to her collections, she also creates unique jewelery to order as engagement- and wedding rings.

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