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Anders Årfelt

Anders Årfelt is a Swedish sculptor. In 1993, in collaboration with the municipality of Gotland and Skanska, he created a traffic barrier in concrete in the shape of a traditional Gotland sheep. Since then, the original male sheep has been supplemented with a female version, and today there are more than 250 such traffic barriers placed in the municipality. In 1995, the sheep were joined by a concrete lion, the so-called Stockholm Lion, which is located on Drottninggatan pedestrian zone in central Stockholm.

“I have worked with many different materials and techniques over the years. Already in the 1970s I started using concrete when it felt appropriate and urgent. Concrete is an amazingly malleable mass with great strength and weight. It also ages in an interesting way, under the influence of weather powers. People’s abrasive proximity can also be positive, which you can see in the lions on Drottninggatan in Stockholm and which have become shiny like polished stones in certain locations.”

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