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    Fire Extinguishers 2 kg Solstick

    Secure your home with a smooth and stylish powder fire extinguisher that is great for smaller spaces and extinguishes most small fires. The fire extinguisher has an aluminum emblem with embossed depiction of the now iconic Sunstick boy.

    The powder sack can be refilled by a qualified service technician. Wall bracket and Swedish instructions included. Fire class: ABCFilled with: powder Efficiency class: 13A 89B CCE-labeledWeight class: 2 kg.The product is used without a hose, except for use in tight spaces, such as on a boat or caravan.

    The fire extinguisher can be refilled by a qualified service technician.

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    Product information
    Item number 2001265
    Width 13 cm
    Height 36 cm
    Depth 10 cm
    Brand Solstickan


    Solstickan Design offers modern and popular products with high quality in home and interior design. The idea of Solstickan design is to preserve and convey a true Swedish classic and thus support the Solstickan Foundation.

    Part of the proceeds from the sale go to the foundation Solstickan, whose purpose is to help children and the elderly.

    In 1936, the artist Einar Nerman was commissioned to draw the label for the box Solstickan. There and then the classic symbol Solstickepojken (Swedish for Solstickan's boy) was created. The popular boy and the text "For the benefit of children and the old" adorned the boxes and the basic idea was to easily contribute to society by donating a few pennies of each sold box to the Solstickan Foundation. The foundation was already focusing on helping children with disabilities and chronic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatism.

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