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    Filé Knife Classic 1891

    Fish, meat or chicken – the fillet knife can take care of most of the ingredients you might want in your evening meal. The blade becomes increasingly flexible the closer to the tip you work, so that filleting becomes simple and smooth. Clear away!The blade is 19 cm long, with increased flexibility towards the tip of the knife. It’s guaranteed to make your filleting work go smoothly, helping you get close to remove skin or clear the fish more effectively. The stop guard at the beginning of the blade prevents your hand from sliding forward onto the sharp blade, we do what we can to make your work in the kitchen as safe as possible. And of course, the knife is made of Swedish stainless steel of the highest quality. It has a real wooden handle and beautiful details - like the Dala coat of arms on the metal ring – enhancing your cooking experience even further.Stainless steel is easy to maintain, as it is treated to withstand rust and corrosion. However, it is always good to take the habit of rinsing the blade under running hot water, preferably with a mild soap solution, after use if the knife has become dirty. Then let the knife dry out. No knives should be run in the dishwasher, the dishwasher detergent has a highly negative effect on the blade.
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    Product information
    Item number 2000537
    Color Red
    Width 8.9 cm
    Height 42.7 cm
    Depth 8.9 cm
    Brand Morakniv
    Wash instructions Hand wash
    Material Stainless steel


    I Mora finns en lång tradition av knivmakeri. I över 400 år har Morakniv skapat vassa knivar till resten av världen. Resan för Morakniv börjar 1891 när Frost-Erik Erson återvände hem till byn Östnor i Mora efter fyra år i Nordamerika. När han startade sin åkdonsfabrik såddes det första fröet till det som så småningom skulle bli företaget och varumärket Morakniv som vi känner det idag. I början tillverkade Frost-Erik endast knivar för fabrikens interna bruk, men produktionen skulle snart komma att växa.

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