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Qian Jiang

The 2017 Formex Nova winner Qian Jiang is an industrial designer trained at Jiangnan University in China and at Lund University in Sweden. Since 2014, when he graduated from the master’s program in industrial design, he has worked in various industries and agencies, including for brands such as Normann Copenhagen and Nicholai Wiig Hansen Design.

In 2015 he established his own design studio: STUDIO DEJAWU. The name of the studio is derived from the feeling of unknown familiarity (Déjà vu) and Wu in Chinese means objects. This combination contains a philosophy that drives and controls the studios design process. They n believe that the everyday objects that people are more willing to use are those that can reflect their experiences. For Qian Jiang, working with design is like writing a diary. He conveys memories and experiences.

When he visited Swedish churches, he was inspired by the cone-shaped candle extinguishers uised at various ceremonies and that is where the idea for Cone was born. Three ornaments with simple shapes are like a family and yet each part serve a different purpose. The top is a candle extinguisher, the middle is a candle holder and the bottom hold tea lights. Mounted as a unit or arranged as three separate pieces that offer different expression options.

In 2017, Qian Jiang won the prestigious Formex Nova for the Nordic Designer of the Year Award. Formex Nova was founded in 2014 and is a prize for promoting high quality Nordic Design created by a still relatively unknown young designer working in the Nordic interior design industry.

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