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Hanna Malmström

Hanna Malmström is an entrepreneur who thanks to a house renovation, parental leave, literate children and broken thumb sticks came up with the idea for magnetic building parts in wood that would make it possible to build all the letters of the alphabet.

“The idea was born when I was on parental leave with my two children Viktor and Emma. Viktor was around 2.5 years and, just like most children of that age, loved to build and explore letters. During the same period, we renovated a lot at home and there were thumb sticks everywhere, which we used to build letters with. But the thumb sticks were not designed to fit the hand of a child, they broke down all the time when they were playing with them. This led me to refine the idea that grew, and I started a product development. The final design with wood and magnets allowed the children to now angle and twist how ever they wanted on the parts without breaking them.

The Happiness was total with the children when they could finally make their own letters, even though they couldn’t write them yet!” says Hanna Malmström, designer.

Clicko Learn Letters came out on the market in 2017 and was nominated for the following year, as one of three games, for Children’s Games of the Year by the Play and Baby Academy.

The idea and purpose of Clicko is to teach children in a fun and creative way. “I myself grew up with a lot of books and reading and that is why I want to give the fantastic world that reading is to all children” says Hanna Malmström.

For Hanna, in addition to play and creativity, the environment and our earth are also important. Therefore, both Clicko cartons and packaging materials were reused to reduce the environmental impact and waste.

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