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    Nils Olsson Dalahästar


    Dala Horse Black Small

    It doesn't Geta ny more Swedish than this! Ancient Nils Olsson's Dala Horses have been producing dala horses for almost 100 years. The horses are handcrafted, and the timber comes from the slowly growing pine forests around Siljan in central Sweden. The pine wood which is to be processed into Dala horses is chosen at the local sawmill. The pieces selected are shaved and a template is stamped on them. Then the shape of the horses is sawn out, first roughly and then manually in a band saw. Then the village's most talented wood carvers give the Dala horse their final shape in their homes with the help of the mora knife. As they always have done.Also available in untreated pine.
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    Product information
    Item number 1009967
    Color Black
    Width 9 cm
    Height 10 cm
    Depth 1.5 cm
    Brand Nils Olsson Dalahästar
    Material Pinewood

    Nils Olsson Dalahästar

    In 1928, when the brothers Nils and Janne Olsson were 13 and 15 years old, they started a small factory and then took up the old craft of Dalahäst production. They took a loan of SEK 400 to buy their own band saw. On this occasion, their mother cried with concern and wondered how they could pay such a tremendous amount. The brothers mixed the colors and the brushes were made of tail hair from squirrels. Now there are Dalahästar scattered all over the globe and many come from the company that was founded by the Olsson brothers.  It wasn't really until the 1939 World Expo in New York that the Dalahäst became world famous. The Swedish exhibition architect got an idea. You could place a giant Dalahäst outside the Swedish pavilion! What an eye catcher it would be. It was a success. The World Press sent home photographs and articles about the marvelous horse, and during the year after the exhibition, about 20,000 Dalahästar were made, an impressive amount at that time, to ship to New York. Nils Olsson's valley horse 'Dalahäst' has now become a symbol of Sweden. Children and grandchildren of Nils and Janne Olsson today continue to carry along the traditional cultural heritage. Read more about Nils Olsson Dalahästar
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