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Candleholder Alia - Pack B

Alia, Latin for “Change” , is a candle holder that does exactly that. Made from a single repeating branch, Alia is all about creating free compositions. One branch works alone, but stacking more is just so much more impressive. Alia allows you to create you own personal composition, you can build upwards and sideways. The candlestick is designed by design studio HAHA, consisting of designers Arash Eskafi and Yu-Chin Chiang.

- Usually an object is already determined in shape, size and function. We have been interested in exploring the relationship between the object, the user and the room. We wanted to create something that was different but still simple and classic. Something that could take place, and change places, We created Alia, says Yu-Chin Chiang.

The more units the user has, the more changing expressions Alia can create.

Pack B consists of a base part with feet and can be supplemented with pack A, or built on with more base parts! Pack B comes with two cylinders that you use to expand the candle holder.

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Product information
Color Chrome
Width 11 cm
Height 9 cm
Depth 7.5 cm
Brand HAHA Studios
Designer Arash Eskafi & Yu-Ching Chiang
Material Zink
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