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Maria Holmer Dahlgren

Maria Holmer Dahlgren is an art director and designer with education in graphic drawing at Lund University. She takes her inspiration from trips to both small and large places, near and far. And to discover beautiful details in everyday life, like architecture, textiles and utensils.

The collaboration with Designtorget started several years ago, and over the years Maria has sold everything from trays and postcards to dishcloths and textiles with the now classic Stockholm and Gothenburg motifs.

“The products are my answer to soulless souvenirs of poor quality that look the same wherever you are. Lots of tingles or moose made in China. My souvenirs are filled with personal strawberries and can easily be packed into the cabin bag, flat and durable,” says Maria.

“They should be practical utility items at a reasonable price. Folksy and strong without being trendy. Made in Sweden by family businesses. In addition, they are tributes to these cities and my hope is that all the residents of those cities should feel pride, because we live in a fantastic country. The more you travel ou8t into the world and gain perspective, the more you understand it”.

Together with designer colleague Barbro Tryberg Boberg, Maria has also designed interior details under the name BoM United.

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