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Margot Barolo

Margot Barolo is a designer with a background from Beckmans and Kostfack. She runs design agency Margot Barolo AB and has over the years worked with some of Sweden’s leading companies, such as Iris Hantverk and Design House Stockholm, with product design, design strategy and management. For some years now, Barolo also runs the design firm Barolo / Mårtensson together with Ulrika Mårtensson.

In recent years, Barolo has deepened herself into questions and challenged the image of production, the Swedish art industry and our appreciation of people and products. This has resulted in, among other things, the book Brave New Production and the magazine Brave Magazine #2 as part of an artistic research project at Konstfack and with contributions from the Artist’s Committee under the name “No Innocent Objects”. She gives lectures and teaches at various design colleges and is an active member of the board at the artist’s national organization in Sweden.

Barolo has been extensively employed as an expert in recent years in matters regarding small-scale production and enterprise for design and artistic activities, as well as in process and project work. Right now, she is also the program manager at Beckmans Design Academy at Form.

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