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Kristina Stark

Kristina Stark is an industrial designer educated at Konstfack in Stockholm as well as at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. For many years she has worked freelance with designing for the home, kitchen and table for a number of clients in both Sweden and abroad. The clients include Design House Stockholm, Höganäs Ceramics, Boda Nova, Gense and others.

In addition to drawing on assignment for other companies, Kristina began to lay the foundation for her own brand in 2008. Today it has been developed into the brand Design: Kristina Stark containing products that have already become something of so-called classics and design icons. Like, for example, her matchbox case and candle holders. Today her iconic products are available for sale in many stores as well as museum shops all around the world.

Her self-produced products have been nominated for Formex Formidable four times. The launch of the coffee series Café received a great deal of attention and was nominated, among other things, for Formex Formidable 2012, names “Porcelain of the Year 2012” by Residence as well as selected for and presented at the exhibition “Contemporary Collected” in Tokyo by the Swedish Form Society in autumn 2012. In August 2013 Kristina launched her new ceramics series Botan which also received a lot of attention and was not only nominated but also won the Formex Formidable 2013 award in January 2014.

In February 2016, her Still Life series won the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2016 as “Product of the Year for the Table”. Kristina says:

“I am driven by the desire to create very usual and ordinary things for everyday life, which people use often and are glad to use. Things that are made for diligent use – over and over. I’m not looking for effects, I’m looking for the simple and the low-key. How many times have I not tried to find the optimal shape in one thing without the unnecessary addition of lines and decor? Everything must be questioned in order to have a justification. Reducing is the challenge, adding is easier than subtracting. The simple thing is the difficult – simply. In addition to caring for a thing and its design, I also feel a great deal of care and responsibility for making all production in the most humane and environmentally friendly way possible without unnecessarily burdening the earth. The materials I choose are natural, genuine and durable and can age dignified and with patina. Manufacturing is as close as possible and most of the products are manufactured on a small scale and in craftmanship in Sweden. That’s how I want it. In cases where, despite great efforts, it has proven impossible to produce in Sweden, I have, after careful searching, found the opportunities in southern Europe where great knowledge and professional pride you can perform a fantastic fine craft. With fine and proud craftsmanship, I want to combine design with function without compromising quality. I’m happy and proud of that”.

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