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Kiki Eldh

Kiki Eldh is an artist with education in textile art at HDK in Gothenburg. In addition to artistic creation, her work in recent years has revolved around cultural strategies and the shaping of the public environment. From working with the large common rooms, the step may seem a long way to your own kitchen, but form and function are no less important there and you can always get very creative in your kitchen!

“The idea of a colourful and effective dishcloth emerged on a very ordinary Thursday. I stared at the vaguely pink dishcloth and I realized that I wanted crimson, bright blue and black cloths! With the colours came the names – Revolution, Blues and Anarchy”.

Designtorget went for a collaboration and Kikki Eldh’s dishcloths are now available in a number of powerful colours with bold names. The cloths have by this time made their way into several kitchens, often in combination with the ingenious Pluringen that holds the cloth in place.

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