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KAOS är ett innovativt norskt märke för barnstolar, inredning och handväskor av hög kvalitet som kombinerar funktionalitet och estetik. KAOS lanserades i januari 2015 av Mette Bordal Hansen och Gineline Kalleberg.

KAOS is an innovative Norwegian brand for highchairs, interior decoration and handbags of high quality that combines functionality and aesthetics. KAOS was launched in January 2015 by Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleberg.

They struggled to find products that combined Scandinavian aesthetics and functionality in a good way, that also had a fair price.

Both Mette and Gineline had demanding full-time jobs with advertising agencies when they launched. They managed KAOS on evenings, weekends and during holidays. 2015 was a test year that allowed them to test the market. The rocket took off and in 2016 they jumped at it. They left our other jobs in order to build KAOS.

Quality, details and customer experience is core to their business.

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