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The Master's program in Industrial Design at Konstfack in Stockholm was the start of the collaboration between Arash Eskafi and Yu-Chin Chiang. Since the summer 2015, they have run the company HAHA. A name that reflects the company's motto - creating design that brings joy, and a reminder of always being genuine and natural - as laugh in itself.

- We at HAHA believe that design should be seen as a tool to improve one's existence. Both on a spiritual level and in a physical way. It is an essential part of our lives and should be treated with great respect and accuracy, says Arash Eskafi.

With great knowledge of production methods, HAHA focuses on sustainable, wise solutions in the design process. The result is well executed design objects with an emphasis on both the tangible and the poetic experience.

- Usually an object is already determined in shape, size and function. We have been interested in exploring the relationship between the object, the user and the room. We wanted to create something that was different but still simple and classic. Something that could take place, and change places. We created the candle holder concept Alia, says Yu-Chin Chiang."

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