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Elin Lundvik

Elin Lundvik is educated at Folkuniversitetet’s metal line, and at Nyckelviksskolan where she has passed both the metal and craft pedagogy line.

Her love for metal started early in high school while going to Waldorf School, and since then her feelings for the craft has only grown. Elin has her old school to thank for much because a large part of the teaching there is about arts and crafts. She had a mentor that she looked up to a lot, and that is still a great role model; Hans Scherlund.

The inspiration comes from simple everyday details and from nature. The simple and pure appeals to her rather than frills and trixical shapes. Elin has made jewellery for, among other things, Lidingöloppet, Musikhjälpen (the Music Aid) and to various musicians and artists such as Lars Winnerbäck and most recently to Pernilla Andersson to wear in Melodifestivalen.

“I feel a strong attraction to working with my hands and have done so for as long as I can remember, Something happens in me when I let myself be swallowed up by craft, I think there is a strong force in it and that I grow as a human being in some way. Even creating with others and meeting through it appeals to me a lot”.

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