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Clubben Sven Carlberg

Clubben is a family owned design company based in Malmö and Hudiksvall. The company consists of 5 members from the Carlbergs family. All of the members have a common creative focus yet they all contribute with their own special skills in design. 

Clubben's ambition is to make functional products that can add more value beyond their beautiful surface, and which can take a part in an everyday life and perhaps make it a little easier, or happier. Things that can work for both their place on the shelf and to be in your service throughout their lives. 

The company's first product has been named Stub. It is a special candlestick that burns leftover candles almost all the way down and then extinguishes them! Of course STUB may also be used as a regular candle holder, for new candles. Stub is produced in Hudiksvall. Each container is molded and dyed by hand and the lids are turned by a local company. 

The idea for Stub awakened when Sven Carlberg saw how the pile of candlesticks grew in the summer house. Throwing them felt stupid. The leftover candles are really needed in the cabin which has neither electric light nor heat. Sven worked out STUB's function and together with product designer Gustav Carlberg, created its design.

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