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Carl Malmsten

Carl Malmstens möbler ger en återspegling av den svenska allmogekulturen. Han studerade hur de olika landskapens karaktär och människornas levnadsförhållanden kom till konstnärligt uttryck i deras bruksföremål. Alla dessa intryck smälte han samman och skapade därur sin egen karaktäristiska stil.

"Carl Malmsten's furniture reflects all sorts of Swedish culture. He studied how the nature of the different landscapes and the people's living conditions achieved their artistic expressions through everyday objects. He blended all these impressions together and thereby created his own characteristic style. Carl Malmsten's early ecological thinking has now become an ideal. A resource-efficient manufacturing for the production of sustainable products and high reusability. Carl Malmsten's life's work is an indispensable feature of the Scandinavian furniture culture. What Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson meant for the Swedish visual arts - Carl Malmsten has meant for Swedish furniture art."

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