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 Afroart was formed as a foundation of various women's and church organizations. The purpose was to support, develop and disseminate knowledge of crafts in the Third World. Initially, they focused on the African continent, then countries in Latin America and Asia were added.


The first Afroart shop started in Stockholm in 1967. The initiator was Jytte Bonnier and the idea came from another project, the establishment of an art school in South Africa, Rorke's Drift.

Teachers at the school were a group of Swedish artists who succeeded in making the school a great success. Objects that came to school quickly created an international interest, which in turn generated a need for sales channels outside of South Africa's borders. The idea of ​​a store in Stockholm was thus born!

The very first Afroart shop opened on Regeringsgatan 8 in Stockholm. Subsequently, Afroart has had more addresses, including in Malmö. Today, Afroart's three stores are located on Hornsgatan 58 and Norrtullsgatan 10 in Stockholm as well as on S Larmgatan 7 in Gothenburg. Afroart also has, for some years now, a web shop.

Over the years, Afroart has imported and sold craft products, sent advisory volunteers through SIDA grants to aid countries and conducted information activities on crafts. Afroart has participated in several notable exhibitions, including at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

In 2003, Afroart changed ownership. Six textile designers took over the business and today run Afroart with new energy and energy.

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