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    Book Swedish Natural Kitchen

    Take advantage of everything beautiful and rich in woods and gardens! Berries, root vegetables, mushrooms and cabbage this book gives you delicious recipes with what is in nature's generous pantry. It gives you inspiration to use well-known raw materials in new ways as well as to take advantage of nature's gifts as you used to. For example, what about kale pizza, pickled rosehip, rhubarb cream? Maybe you also get inspiration to go out into nature and take care of the season's treasures! To pick strawberries, raspberries or chanterelles it is wonderful summer memories to carry with you to the darker months of the year.The book's recipes are simple, rustic and created with the current season's ingredients in focus. Hope it makes you want to grow, pick and cook! English text.
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    Product information
    Color Multi
    Width 18.5 cm
    Height 24.5 cm
    Brand Kakao
    Material Paper


    Kakao förlag startades 1995 av Johan Lindblad som fortfarande driver verksamheten. Han har ett stort matintresse och från början bestod utgivningen framför allt av kokböcker. I slutet av 1990-talet blev Kakao förlag något av en kokböckernas pionjär och gjorde sig ett namn i branschen och bland konsumenter som ett förlag som ger ut vackra, väl formgivna böcker av god kvalitet.

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