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    Loland Design

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    BiBo - Bee Hotel

    BiBo is a decorative bi-hotel that offers a place for tree living solitaire bees to rest and winter in.

    Solitaire bees today find it difficult to find a place to spend the winter and it threatens to eradicate several of them.

    By hanging up the hive, more bees are given the chance to survive the winter - and in return, your garden or balcony will flourish! Solitary bins are harmless to us humans as their spikes are too weak to penetrate our skin.

    In Sweden, there are today about 290 bee species, of which three are endangered. Solitary bees do not produce honey, but they pollinate large parts of our fruit trees and flowers, and are thus vital to the survival of us and other species.

    Hang the sinus under the roof of the house, on the balcony or in a tree where it is protected from rain and wind.

    BiBo is sawn from a whole piece of Swedish pine and produced in Sweden. The cord is made of hemp. The sinus is coated with linseed oil paint. Fun stuff for nice bees!

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    Product information
    Item number 2001215
    Width 11.5 cm
    Height 23 cm
    Depth 7 cm
    Brand Loland Design
    Designer Linda Loland
    Material Pinewood

    Linda Loland

    Linda Loland was born in 1981 and holds a bachelor’s degree in furniture design from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies. She likes to work in wood, and in the spring of 2015, she started Loland Design in parallel with her master’s studies at HDK Steneby.

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