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    Beer Brewing Kit IPA 4 L

    The perfect beer brewing kit for beginners! The kit comes complete with all the equipment and ingredients you need to brew your own beer. Age limit 20 years. Thanks to "Det Lilla Köksbryggeriets" inspiring film, educational instructions and, not least, mobile app, they guarantee well made beer from the first attempt. All recipes are developed by "Det Lilla Köksbryggeriets" brewer master and are continuously adjusted to make the beer even better. The recipes contain no strange additives, only natural ingredients such as malt and hops.

    The 4-liter cushion gives you about 12 bottles of 33 cl beer. It is a perfect volume for those who want it comfortable. You do not get too much beer standing and dusting in a cellar and the fermenter takes very little space when it is not used. The beer brewing does not require large surfaces, it is adapted for ordinary kitchens.

    The total time for brewing beer is between 2-3 hours and then the beer will ferment for 4 weeks. Good to have at home is a 5-liter saucepan, funnel, whisk, ladle and empty bottles.

    Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
    Alcohol content: About 5.5%
    Hops: Citra
    Malt: Pale Ale and oatmeal
    Color: Amber
    Scent and flavor: Citrus fruit and weak honey.

    Difficulty in brewing: Very simple
    Suitable for: Spicy food, eg Mexican. Perfect for pots, pulled pork and chicken dishes

    .For those who like: Amager Modern IPA, Mohawks Extra IPA, Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar

    The kit contains: 1 pc. IPAHHH! India Pale Ale recipe set (4 liters), 5-liter glass jars, thermometer, siphon, capsule, caps, disinfectant, silicone stopper, fermenter

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    Product information
    Item number 1011252
    Color Black
    Width 41 cm
    Height 30.5 cm
    Depth 28.5 cm
    Brand Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet
    Material Silver & brass

    Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet

    Until recently, home brewing has largely been about complicated equipment and super-tough instructions. Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet's co-founders strongly dislike equipment and difficult instructions. They like when anyone can create something that feels powerful, without much hassle. Something you want to share.

    When they started The Little Kitchen Brewery for just over 5 years ago their idea of filling a void - that everyone should have a sporting chance to be able to brew really good beer. One could say that kitchen brewing is a small step for humanity but a great step for beer brewing. Over 15,000 people have brewed beer at home in their kitchens so far and they are very happy and proud of that!

    Time to brew, enjoy and hopefully finally boast. Good luck!

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